Workshop on Advanced electrical test methods for battery cell classification

Broadband frequency electrochemical characterization techniques from nano- to macroscale and transferring them to in-line testing and pilot-lines are at the heart of the EU project NanoBat. This is a synoptic public workshop focusing on electrochemistry, EIS calibration & uncertainty, round-robin test accuracy, and high-power module tests. Two videos from the pilot-line cell separator test and the high-power module tests are included for hands-on sessions.

In this public workshop we are focusing on:

  1. Electrochemistry of aging related processes (Univ Burgos & IMDEA Energy Madrid)
  2. Pilot line cell testing methods (TU Braunschweig)
  3. Metrology cell characterization using EIS and round-robin (BMW)
  4. Cell classification based on calibrated impedance and uncertainty (Keysight)
  5. High-power battery module testing + lab-demo (Keysight & Kreisel Electric)

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Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2023 15:00 – 17:10 CET

Venue: Virtual workshop – Login data will be sent to registered participants

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