1st NanoBat publication: Why nanoelectrochemistry is necessary in battery research?

The active materials constitute the heart of any battery. In this review article, the critical role of nanoelectrochemistry in battery research is highlighted to help encourage its use in this field.

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Optimised Battery Production through Nanotechnology

Instrumentation & Technologies
Microscopy & Imaging
Modelling & Simulation

NanoBat aims to develop a novel nanotechnology toolbox for quality testing of Li-ion and beyond Lithium batteries.

Sustainable electricity storage is among this century’s main challenges. Being faster and more accurate than existing methods, the radio frequency (RF)-nanoscale techniques to be developed in NanoBat have the potential to redefine battery production in Europe and worldwide and greatly benefit the clean energy and e-mobility transition in Europe.

“Covering the EU demand alone requires at least 20 large-scale battery production facilities. We are confident that the NanoBat technologies could effectively support European manufacturers and SMEs to exploit this enormous market potential and keep up with global competition. ”

Dr Ferry Kienberger, Project Coordinator
Keysight Technologies, Austria