Industry & Open Innovation

NanoBat targets an Open Innovation strategy encouraging the timely publication of results. Involving an Advisory Board of standardisation authorities, EU policy makers, science communities and end users, the NanoBat solutions will be developed in compliance with existing industry standards and EU regulations. Setting the basis for full implementation worldwide, NanoBat will involve a large international stakeholder group to set up standard operating procedures (SOP) linked to various databases and including training, workshops and a round robin paper.

The NanoBat innovation strategy will include:

  • The development of the four RF-nanotechnology instruments towards technology readiness level (TRL) 6 by the end of the project
  • Testing of the new methods, the modelling and data analytics firmware in three pilot lines
  • The establishment of a fully automated test system for incoming cell quality control leading to classification based on the SEI and state of health (SOH)
  • The organisation of workshops and the establishment of characterization data structures(CHADA)/modelling data tools (MODA) stored in an EU database aligned with the
  • European Materials Characterization Council (EMCC) and the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC)